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Shipping for only 990 Ft
1-3 workdays


100 day money back guarantee-
and exchange warranty


Genuine, exotic wooden phone case.

After a thorough design process, we use laser to cut the back panel from carefully selected, genuine, high-quality, exotic wood, which guarantees astonishing precision. Then work continues by hand, when we smooth the wood for a gentle touch. Finally, the surface of the snap-on (and easily removable) wooden phone case is processed, which guarantees long-lasting protection for your phone. The product is manufactured in Budapest.

Design and protection

The thin (0.3mm) and light case follows the original shape of your phone. Thanks to its design, it extends above the pane of the camera and the screen, protecting the most vulnerable parts. The wood phone case covers the edges all around your phone, protecting the top, the bottom as well as the corners.


We provide a 100-day money-back and replacement guarantee for every iPhone cover. For more information on the guarantee, click to “Guarantee”.

Make your own custom phone case

Do you like the case/graphics but you can’t find it in your phone type? Would you like your own graphics/custom text for your phone? Get your own personalised phone case.

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iPhone 5 / 5S / 5SE, iPhone 6 / 6S, iPhone 7 / 8, iPhone X / Xs, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs Max


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Virág Varga, 18.08.2016 Review source: Facebook
Egyedi telefontok
It is very beautiful, thank you so much, and for the quick delivery too! I showed it to my colleagues, and they were very impressed :)
Tünde Csapó, iPad case promotion first prize, 22.04.2016 Review source: E-mail
Egyedi telefontok
Thank you, we received the case, it is really beautiful! We will definitely keep your company in mind.
Orsolya Bubik 24.11.2017 Review source: E-mail
Personalized tablet case
They are beautiful, and our client is very satisfied with them too :)
Katalin Bihari14.08.2017.Review source: E-mail
Egyedi telefontok
We received the cases without a problem, and they are beautiful. :) Thank you!
Bihari Katalin,
Vélemény forrás: E-mail
Egyedi telefontok
A tokok rendben megérkeztek, és gyönyörűek. :) Köszönöm szépen!
Bubik Orsolya,
2017. november 24.
Vélemény forrás: E-mail
Personalized tablet case
Gyönyörűek lettek, ügyfél is nagyon elégedett velük :)
Csapó Tünde, iPad tok promóció főnyeremény,
Vélemény forrás: E-mail
Egyedi telefontok
Köszönjük, megkaptuk a tokot, nagyon szép lett! Biztos megjegyezzük magunknak a céget.
Varga Virág
Vélemény forrás: Facebook
Egyedi telefontok
Nagyon szép lett, köszönjük szépen és a gyorsaságot is! Mutattam munkatársaimnak is, el voltak ájulva :)
Csiszár Ottó
Vélemény forrása: E-mail
Kezemben van a termékük és nagyon elégedett vagyok vele köszönök mindent!