Wooden power bank with bamboo 4000 mAh


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Easily charge your device anywhere

There’s nothing more annoying than having your phone battery give up when you’re in the middle of something, or expecting an important message or call. That’s exactly the reason power banks were invented.


Small and light

Just take this real wood-covered power bank out of your pocket, and you can start charging your device right away in style. It’s an ideal solution on the go, or during any leisure activity where there are no available power outlets.


How to use a power bank

Using an external battery is as simple as charging your device from a power outlet. Just connect your device to the USB port with its original power cable. If the power bank is out of battery, charge it through the micro USB port. Small blue lights indicate the battery’s condition. The product comes with a free micro USB power cable!


How many times can you charge your device?

The number of times a device can be charged depends on many factors – including its capacity, age, and even the outside temperature. Depending on the model, you can charge iPhones 1–1.5 times with a fully charged 4000 mAh power bank. (You can use the following function to estimate the number of times you can charge a particular device: number of times the device can be charged = power bank capacity / capacity of the device’s battery x2)


Technical specifications

Casing Real walnut / bamboo
Battery Capacity 4000 mAh
Power Output 5V/2A
Power Input 5V/1A
Number of USB ports: 1
Battery Charge Indicator: Yes (blue LED)
Size 66x125x10 mm
Weight 210 g
Charging Time 6–7 hours

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Virág Varga, 18.08.2016 Review source: Facebook
Egyedi telefontok
It is very beautiful, thank you so much, and for the quick delivery too! I showed it to my colleagues, and they were very impressed :)
Tünde Csapó, iPad case promotion first prize, 22.04.2016 Review source: E-mail
Egyedi telefontok
Thank you, we received the case, it is really beautiful! We will definitely keep your company in mind.
Orsolya Bubik 24.11.2017 Review source: E-mail
Personalized tablet case
They are beautiful, and our client is very satisfied with them too :)
Katalin Bihari14.08.2017.Review source: E-mail
Egyedi telefontok
We received the cases without a problem, and they are beautiful. :) Thank you!
Bihari Katalin,
Vélemény forrás: E-mail
Egyedi telefontok
A tokok rendben megérkeztek, és gyönyörűek. :) Köszönöm szépen!
Bubik Orsolya,
2017. november 24.
Vélemény forrás: E-mail
Personalized tablet case
Gyönyörűek lettek, ügyfél is nagyon elégedett velük :)
Csapó Tünde, iPad tok promóció főnyeremény,
Vélemény forrás: E-mail
Egyedi telefontok
Köszönjük, megkaptuk a tokot, nagyon szép lett! Biztos megjegyezzük magunknak a céget.
Varga Virág
Vélemény forrás: Facebook
Egyedi telefontok
Nagyon szép lett, köszönjük szépen és a gyorsaságot is! Mutattam munkatársaimnak is, el voltak ájulva :)
Csiszár Ottó
Vélemény forrása: E-mail
Kezemben van a termékük és nagyon elégedett vagyok vele köszönök mindent!